Business Meetings are being held by phone

Limestone County Emergency Services District #2 Board of Commissioners will be conducting business meetings via teleconference for the foreseeable future in order to prevent compromising anyone's health while we continue to serve our stakeholders.

All of these meetings are open to the public and anyone is welcome to attend. All business meetings will be recorded and will be conducted exactly the same as if we were meeting at the fire station. The only difference is that we will be meeting on the phone instead of meeting in person.

Here are the instructions to attend the meetings:

Phone Number: +1(646)307-1479

Passcode: 9525643239#

For best results, call the phone number 5-10 minutes before the meeting and keep trying if you get a busy signal. You will hear a recording welcoming you to the meeting and asking you to enter the passcode. 

Enter the passcode as written above. At that point you will be connected to the teleconference and be able to hear and speak to the other attendees. 

The meeting dates and times will continue to be posted on the Calendar on our website. The agenda of each meeting will be available for download on the Public Documents page on our website a few days in advance of that meeting. 

Here are links to the calendar and the public documents pages on our website:

Meeting Dates and Times:


If you have any questions, please contact the President of the Board, Vernon Davis at

Open Position on the ESD Board of Commissioners

The position of Secretary on the Board of Emergency Services Commissioners of Limestone County Emergency Services District #2 recently became available. Please click the link below if you are interested in serving our community as a Board Commissioner!

Home Address (911) Signs

If you ordered a home address sign at one of our events, please call or email us at the station to find out if we have received it.